Dolce and Gabanna’s DG2027B sunglasses - The world’s most expensive shades

Now a days it is expected that you can pay up to $500.00 on a pair of designer sunglasses. A pricey, yet worthy addition to anyone’s wardrobe, people are willingly dishing out the cash to own a pair of designer frames. Dolce and Gabanna however, taken the luxury of owning designer shades out of the hands of the ordinary and introduced the world’s most expensive sunglasses. Dolce and Gabanna’s product no. DG2027B sunglasses, which cost a whopping $383,609, are truly in a league of their own. Without a doubt the world’s most expensive shades, these six figure sunglasses, which sport gold frames and tinted lenses, also have the brand's logo written on the arms - in diamonds.

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