Gurkha Cigar - The most expensive cigar in the market

The gurkha cigar owes its origin to the height of British rule in India, when local colonial soldiers began to make thier own cigars from the local tobacco. Named after these soldiers, the gurkha cigar has also been dubbed the "Rolls-Royce of Cigars" because of its distinction, unsurpassed quality and rarity. It features specially aged and fermented wrappers, as well as binders and filler tobaccos grown from Cuban piloto-seed. The secret of His Majesty's Reserve, Gurkha's finest cigar, is the infusion of Louis XIII Cognac in to the wrapper tobacco. The process is so unique, time consuming and expensive that no other manufacturer will go to the trouble or expense of duplicating the process. Branded as the most expensive cigar in the market, His Majesty's Reserve, cost $750 per cigar or $14,999.95 for a box of twenty, though it's said that you can only buy a limit of 3 per order because Gurkha only makes 100boxes per year.

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