The Dazzle cocktail - The world's most expensive cocktail

The Dazzle cocktail, served at the Second Floor bar at Harvey Nichols in Manchester, UK, is a little concoction that sets you back by USD $51,200. The world's most expensive cocktail contains a diamond ring instead of an olive!
The drink has to be escorted to the diner's table flanked by security guards. The Dazzle cocktail contains a six and half carat pink tourmaline and diamond ring set in 18 carat white gold. The drink was the brainchild of senior bartender Jay Malik, 24, who was asked to devise a drink to fit with the restaurant's Pink Dinners Month. A special safe has been bought in for the bar to keep the rings in and customers can choose any ring they want from the range - the most expensive being a 27,000 pounds sterling two- carat engagement ring.